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Donnie Ray Bond
4 years at Whitestone


"God sent me to Whitestone Transportation. It is a great company. I am very happy with the company's atmosphere and attitude towards drivers and customers."


William Winnick
18 years at Whitestone


"I like the people and dispatchers. Everyone here gets along as a family. We get driver bonuses, team bonuses, and single driver bonuses."


Earnest Lee
13 years at Whitestone


"The dispatchers are great and they work well with the drivers! My work schedule is so I can have home time with my family, which is very important to spend time with them and be home."


Our Drivers

Robby Vickers
4 years at Whitestone


“In all of my 35 years of trucking, I have never felt more at

home than I do at Whitestone Transportation. The friendly family atmosphere is genuine and real throughout the company."